About us

We are an independent marketplace helping farmers and buyers trade better online

Traditionally, trading agricultural commodities was founded on clear principles. Post selling offers, buying requests, connect with interested buyers-sellers, and exchange goods based on predetermined conditions. We love this simplicity.


Agroclear uses this clear and simple system, applies the same principles, just faster, more transparent, and online. We also value the quality of trade and reliability of users in our marketplace. That is why we carry out the necessary due diligence before approving users in order to maintain the authenticity of the platform.


We also take care of the paperwork. Contracts are generated as per user agreements and can be approved by e-signature in your account meaning buyers and sellers can settle the entire trade process online. Soon, we will enable buying and selling of fertilizers, pesticides, and other necessary farm inputs, as well as find and book the suitable logistics and transport service.

We want to be more than just a commodities exchange. We are on a journey to become the only platform you will ever need for all your business needs. Agroclear as an idea was several years in to making and we hope you’ll love our solutions as much as we do. For each successful trade, we request €0.50ct per ton plus VAT as service fee only from the buyers. Our service is always free for sellers. This administrative fee will help us keep the platform functioning and enable us to introduce more innovative solutions for your business.


Our vision

We want to become the marketplace-as-a-service of the future with easy, clear, and direct system at its core.