We are here for you

Contacting us for help and support is easy: ask us pre-registration questions, find useful documents here and chat with our Customer Support team directly whenever you get stuck.

How safe is our data?

We answered this question on our pricing page. All data stored in database is split into parts, all inputs are sanitized and secured from injections. Data submitted in registration forms is transferred using https and our servers are secure and stable. Briefly, we take NO shortcuts with your data.

Is trading through the platform safe?

Yes. we verify each user before granting them access to the platform. We will continue improving our level of security and provide a safe marketplace to trade.

Are contracts flexible?

Contracts are not flexible. You can make changes as per negotiation to the ad before we generate contracts for you. Once generated, contracts cannot be changed and are valid only when signed.

Are the contracts made through Agroclear binding?

Yes. Contracts signed manually or by using e-signature are legally valid and binding. Changes to the contract is as per conditions mentioned in it and pre agreed upon by all signatories.

How do you manage the contracts?

We automatically generate contracts for each type of ad which can be found in your 'my account' section. These are generated as per your interaction and activity in Agroclear.

How do I know if the other users are trustworthy?

We work hard to ensure the quality of activity and interactions in our platform meet your highest standards. We approve each buyer and seller after consulting third-party validation companies

How can I delete my account?

We respect your privacy and comply with all EU directives on GDPR. You can email us at info@agroclear.com and we will help you through the process of deleting your account. Please make sure you do not have any outstanding order/payment, in which case, we will delete your account only after you have fulfilled your obligations as per general User Agreement.

How to renew ads?

Ads that expire will be available in your account for 7 days after expiry. You can find your expired ads in … and change it to new date that you prefer. Don't worry if you do not renew your ad during the grace period. You can always post a new ad.

Why is only the buyer paying commission?

We simply do not believe in charging the seller. If you are a seller, we hope this will give you some additional negotiating and selling power

Does the platform guarantee payment?

Our contracts are legally binding, so in an unfortunate event, we will always support you by recommending and following up with legal consultants and help resolve the matter.