Clear, fair and affordable

Posting ads and offers is free for all. For every successful contract, we don’t request an administrative fee up until 31st of December 2018 .


Always free for sellers.


Our pricing is fair for all types of clients. You can add unlimited number of users, API integrations in to your current system (coming soon), and get premium access to all present and future features. There is no commision, no hidden fees, no other charges, and no agents – just clear trade.

Limited early adopter offer up until 2018 12 31!
What does "unlimited users" mean?

You can add and assign roles to your colleagues so you can collaborate better, track your organization’s progress and soon, we will make it possible for you to chat within and across our platform so you can manage everything remotely.

What does "premium access to all current and future features" mean?

Agroclear will continue to introduce new and innovative solutions for farmers, traders, logistics, and finance. Our early adopters will always have priority and in some cases, 100% free access to premium solutions before everybody else.

How safe is our data?

All data stored in database is split into parts, all inputs are sanitized and secured from injections. Data submitted in registration forms is transferred using https and our servers are secure and stable. Briefly, we take NO shortcuts with your data.

Do you offer demo?

Absolutely. Be sure to follow and attend demo events we create at a place near you. If you cannot make it to one of our demo events, we can give you a walkthrough over a video call, or schedule a private meeting at a convenient location. Email us at

What does "early adopter pricing" mean?

To thank and support our early adopters, we are not requesting any aministrative charge up until 31st December 2018. We will notify you prior to any increase in our admin policy as we introduce new features and solutions.

What's the catch?

There isn’t one! We’re just tired of too many intermediaries in the supply chain, manual handling of several processes, supply chains are not demand driven, significant taxes on sellers, in addition to commissions and fees taken by middlemen.

How is Agroclear better than other marketplaces?

We are, and always will be a tech company and our mission is to improve the supply and demand chain. For example, when a trade happens for 500t of Class 1 Wheat at €170/t for €85,000, we request admin fee of €250 (€0.50ct/t) only from the buyer. Agroclear use is always free for the seller. Competitors charge a % which ranges between €255 to €1700 from both buyers and sellers and we think this is not fair. After learning more about usage of our platforms, we will even offer a monthly/annual subscription to further reduce your costs.